Dr. Steve Axelrod specializes in advising top executives on how to build more effective relationships and better motivate and energize their people.

Steve provides context to understand how internal and external forces shape leadership thinking, behavior and roles. The key to Steve’s effectiveness is his ability to help high-ranking executives optimize their talents, skills and values to contribute more fully in their organizational roles. Clients appreciate Steve’s value in linking individual executive growth to organizational change.

In each assignment, Steve evaluates the organizational context and tailors his approach to align his client’s needs with organizational goals. Steve’s strengths as a “quick study” and comfort with technical business subjects allow him to add value at a high level of understanding.

Because of his clinical skill, Steve provides expert advice in sensitive situations, such as abusive behavior,  sexual harrassment or drug use involving a high-ranking executive. In cases where Steve provides intervention, his approach involves the executive as well as other key stakeholders, such as corporate counsel.

In the role of adviser/executive coach, Steve has worked with leaders in a range of companies, from middle-market to the Fortune 50. Clients include BMG Entertainment, Credit Suisse Group, Hearst Corporation, The New York Times, International Center of Photography, Burt’s Bees, Maidenform, Eisner LLP, Massey Knakal Realty Services and several law and private equity firms.

Dr. Axelrod is recognized as an expert on the powerful influence of a leader’s psychological dynamics on organizational performance. Steve holds a Ph.D. in psychology from New York University and has 25 years of assessment and counseling experience. He is a respected teacher in the field of psychology and has traveled throughout the country to lecture on adult development and the psychology of work at the executive level.

His book, Work and the Evolving Self (1999, Analytic Press), was chosen as a selection by the Behavioral Science Book Club. He wrote Executive Growth Along the Adult Development Curve as a chapter in The Wisdom of Coaching (2007, APA Books).  Steve’s insight into executives behaving badly is featured in award-winning Good Company podcasts presented by the American Psychological Association’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program. His articles on the topic of high risk executive behavior have been published by ChiefExecutive.net, and Docket, the journal of the Association for Corporate Counsel.

Steve has also written articles about executive leadership for Forbes.com and CEO Update. He also has appeared on radio and has been quoted in Harvard Business Review and The New York Times.

The Axelrod Consulting Team

To meet client’s specific needs, Steve brings other experienced and savvy consultants to the table. Members of the Axelrod Team work individually or in concert to provide organizational consultation, executive coaching, strategic leadership development programs and specialized coaching-counseling services. Learn about the Axelrod Consulting Team.