Case Vignette: Founder as CEO*

Tom is the co-founder of a firm that bears his name, and which has grown exponentially in the past five years.  Tom’s firm was still run like a small operation though it was now a significant player in the industry.  While Tom and his partner provided excellent sales leadership, they had not formed a senior management team that was capable and tasked with running a more complex, expanding organization.

My advising work with Tom helped him realize that he needed (and wanted) to step up to the CEO role.  Simultaneously, he came to understand that his cadre of top sales people did not constitute a true firm-wide leadership team.  Tom moved to restructure the management of the firm and made key changes in personnel, roles, and responsibilities.  For the first time, a senior management team was empowered and aligned, forming a more solid platform for future growth.

Case Vignette: Organization in Turmoil*

A large non-profit organization had gone through a series of leadership changes that had left the leadership team demoralized.  Consultation was requested when two members of the team, representing two historically antagonistic silos of the organization, engaged in a public dispute.

We implemented a six-month intervention with combined individual and team coaching for the new CEO and his team.  We assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the team, worked through the disruptive organizational changes, and defined goals for the leadership team.  Members of the team became more adept at expressing and resolving conflicts and began to work more closely with each other.  The leaders shared the results of their coaching with their direct reports, and we held a half-day on-site to develop a charter and operating principles for the larger management team.

*Due to the confidential nature of Steve’s executive coaching assignments, clients and their companies are not identified.