Steve Axelrod assists leaders in optimizing their talents, skills and values to enable their own and others’ success. The profiles below provide examples of the variety of Steve’s engagements and outcomes as a trusted adviser to his clients.*

When In-House Counsel Calls

Sometimes, otherwise talented executives exhibit serious problematic behavior, including abusiveness, sexual harassment, and such as drug and alcohol abuse. As a clinical psychologist, Steve is able to quickly assess whether behavioral problems are deep-seated or manifestations of a personality under the stress of responsibility and leadership. In many cases, Steve has worked closely with in-house counsel  to resolve sensitive matters,  provide corrective coaching, clinical assessment if warranted, and expert testimony if necessary.

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Corrective Coaching: A Tool for Managing At-Risk Executive Behavior

Steve partners with attorneys Kathleen McKenna and Tanya L. Menton to dissect a high-level intervention strategy meant to address transgressions that involve legal, ethical, financial and behavioral dynamics. Published inDocket, the award-winning professional journal of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC).

Read Corrective Coaching-ACC Docket (pdf)

The Steve Jobs Dilemma

Every organization wants leaders that can deliver like the late Steve Jobs, whose name instantly telegraphs marketplace success based on strategic innovation.  While there is no disputing his talent, Jobs was also the poster child for “corporate misfit” and most certainly would fail the emotional intelligence test for leadership potential.  To be sure, right now there are men and women who fit the Steve Jobs profile struggling to fully contribute in a leadership role in many organizations.

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 Aligning the Senior Team

A leader’s effectiveness depends on the quality of his/her senior team. Whether they are first forming a team, making personnel changes, or enabling members to work effectively together, leaders turn to Steve for insight and advice. Steve brings his understanding of the complex interplay of role, style, motives, and personality to help leaders form the cohesive teams that are critical for a company’s success.

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Moving Up and Moving On

In succession planning and transition assignments, Steve has helped executives achieve maximum impact as they assume new leadership positions. He has helped groom leaders to leverage their organizational role, culture and leadership style. In some cases, Steve has helped repair damaged relationships, improve morale, and ready key team members for new leadership.

Change and Growth to Lead

Individual coaching most often focuses on working with leaders to become more confident and self-aware in order to play a bigger role within their organization. Coaching helps them leverage strengths and key relationships, put better structures and processes in place, and devise practical strategies for developing their people. Steve’s skill at serving as a sounding board becomes significant as executives grow into roles of more influence and power.

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Developing Talent in Professional Services Firm

Professional service firms cannot succeed unless their people effectively build relationships with clients and colleagues. Steve has provided leadership development for accounting, law, real estate and private equity firms. For one large firm, Steve developed a competency model for beginning associates to guide interviewing and hiring, as well as performance feedback and development. In other engagements, he has  coached department heads to become more effective leaders to optimize the “people side” of their business.

*Due to the confidential nature of Axelrod Consulting’s assignments, client companies are not identified.